Hi guys,

My first post! Been lurking for a while.

Wondering if you can give me some advice.

I have been trying to get the sound in my study right but i cant seem to get the sound punchy and it feels quite top-heavy and in the mix its not very crisp at all.

The room is about 4 meters x 3 meters and has a tiled floor. I have setup my turntables on a set of Ikea Expedit book shelves and am running:

2x 1210's
2x Rokit R8 monitors
1x Allen and Heath Xone 32

The speakers are at ear-height and well positioned i think (on top of the book cases) and im listening to Drum and Bass but just cannot get a good with low enough frequency to make it sound decent.

Can anyone help to recommend any additional equipment that might help get a better sounding mix out? Do i need a sub, will that even help? Im getting some isolation pads for the speakers but i dont think that will be the answer.

Many many thanks