URGENT Help needed routing audio Traktor-> Ableton in Windows
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    Default URGENT Help needed routing audio Traktor-> Ableton in Windows

    Hi guys,

    I have a gig coming up NYE and I have been trying desperately to set up 4 traktor decks outputing to 4 individual ableton tracks so that I can have seperate ableton effects on each deck.

    My problem is that this requires virtual channels (8 total for 4 stereo decks) because i only have an Audio 4 soundcard which only has enough for 2 physical outs. I have been messing around with all manner of program for days trying to set this up with no luck.

    I tried jack audio, virtual audio cable and asio4all. Jack Audio would theoretically be ideal but i cant for the life of me get it to show me 8 output channels when I set Jack router to Trakor's audio device. It only ever shows 4.

    Ive messed around with Asio4all combined with Virtual Audio Cable. I create 4 virtual cables with VAC and then set both Traktor and Ableton to Asio4all and tried to manage connections within Asio4all. But Asio4all and VAC just dont mix for me, and something always crashes.

    Does any 1 know some easy stable way to create virtual ins/outs in windows or has any suggestions on what I could do to get one of the above options to work?

    Thanks guys!

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    Nevermind I got it!!! After two wasted days I finally found the bit of instruction I needed to make 8 ins/outs in Jack Audio... You gota edit the .ini file in the Jack Audio install folder.

    They couldnt have made that more clear on their website? Stupid bastards...

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