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    Default Thank you Sir!

    Ok, when i guy put a beer inside my s4, i thought it was fucked, since dry beer still contains minerals and thus is conductive. However following your instructions, I got it back to fully working! unbelivable even the buttons and faders which were glued before. i just created the djtt account to say thank you.

    So what i can give as an "inspiration" to anybody else trying this:

    i used deionized water, i had a 20l tank, about the size of the s4, so all boards fit in. and washed every board three times (since the water got yellow the first time, from all the gluey junk on them). I let it soak in there for some minutes and then turned pots,faders and pressed the buttons quite a time.

    about the faceplates, the plastic one was quite easy, since i was really slow going, the aluminium ones are a bit f**ked now. getting them of shows clearly that NI wants you to dump it instead of opening it. i used to really flat kitchen knifes, but they still bend
    i was able to flatten them again a little bit, plus, you can get the glue stickier again, by using a mild solvent on it (no gasoline, acetone should do the job, maybe also ethanol). So you wont have to pull the glue off.
    If i ever have to re-open it again, i will definately put a screw through them, or leave them of, i know where the buttons are and looks weired but does the job.

    The FX board is another 13 pots, means another 13 screws to get off and on again, two metalplates and one plastic plate. so consider, whether you really need to take it out or you can leave it in. however if you need to wash the caseing in soap, you should take it out, to avoid soap or normal water on the board.

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    Thumbs up Great Read

    Hows it going

    I was having the same problem with my B-Fader which i now just leave up at all times and crossfade or gain up an down.. i did go ahead with opening my S4 but got as far as taking of the front plates , i cant bring myself to do it.

    Thank you for all the info very very helpful (Y)

    Best Regards

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    Default Teardown of an S4 Mk2

    Hi folks!

    A great thread for us DIYers...

    I am halfway through a teardown of an S4 Mk2, to replace a few broken potentiometers and rotary encoders. The first steps are very similar to the Mk1, but once you get inside it looks a bit different. All the colorful cables (except one) are gone, and replaced with PCB pin headers.

    Do we have anyone who successfully replaced a pot and/or rotary encoder in their S4 (or S2) ? Who can confirm what components they used? (And how difficult the desolder/resolder was..?)

    I will try to take some nice snapshots of the "guts" of my S4 Mk2 and post them here.


    Lars L.

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    OK. I have to admit I may have messed up my aluminium faceplates & I could not get them flat. Save for sending it back to Germany (I live too far from them), can someone please give me some really constructive advice on how I can either flatten them or get cheap replacement ones somewhere?

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