Noob in need of ableton/maschine help?
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    Default Noob in need of ableton/maschine help?

    I have Ableton live 8 with a traktor s4 and maschine. I'm looking to develop a workflow that I can live dj with. I'm hoping to be able to use my traktor along with it's standalone software but have the midi-clock synced with ableton live. All while using maschine to trigger ableton. I'm completely new to maschine and ableton. I've only just tried switching over from logic pro. So I'm looking for any mapping tips, software/hardware integration, or anything of the like that can help work this out. I can tell this is a lot to ask for but any help is appreciated. Thanks
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    Here's a DJTT post on setting up traktor+Ableton that'll probably be very helpful starting out. That should get you set up/warn you appropriately about the dangers of MIDI clock sync.

    It's sort of hard to recommend resources for the rest of what you want to do in a general sense: What more specifically do you want to use Ableton for? Since there are so many different ways to use the combination, it's much easier to suggest ways to implement specific ideas.

    In the mean time, I'd recommend looking at how a bunch of people use Ableton to get ideas. Not that I recommend copying/buying their templates, just to get some ideas about the power of how others use the program. Some names to google: ill.gates(especially his apc40 template), Tom Cosm, Mr. Bill, and Will Marshall. Also look up Dummy Clips as a way to trigger effects. (Tom Cosm/Covert Operators have some nice videos).

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