EGE and REGULAR vci 400 /// USB 3.0
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    Default EGE and REGULAR vci 400 /// USB 3.0

    i have a regular version and for the first time i tried plugging into my dell's usb 3.0 port. and everything seems to work fine for about 5 minutes...and then it just gets disconnected.

    has anyone had better luck with this? maybe i should reinstall the driver with it plugged into the usb 3.0 port.

    im going to upgrade my windows laptop to a mac soon...and i was just debating to buy the 2011 mac **usb 2.0** or 2012 mac *only has usb 3.0**

    i know the S4 doesn't like usb 3.0


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    I tried USB 3.0 with my EGE and the resultant sound was crackled, indistinct and there was no bass! USB 2.0 is fine.
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