Vestrackx - Forgotten Retro Sounds
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    Default Vestrackx - Forgotten Retro Sounds

    This is my very first recorded mix using my Vestax VCI-100 so please don't shoot me if there are soms misstakes :-)

    hardtrance/Techno sounds (early 90s - early 2000s) which were very famous overhere (Belgium) in that time...

    ENJOY And please comment!

    *Still waiting for my SE to arrive*


    Rapid Eye - circa forever
    Vimana - We came
    Reeloop - fucking society
    The freak - rising angel
    Voodoo & Serano - Blood is pumpin
    Hennes - The second trip
    Randy Katana - One Solid Wave
    Ultrashock - The sound of E
    A*S*Y*S - No more fucking rock n roll
    4 Voices - Eternal Spirit
    Kay Cee - Escape
    Commander Tom - Are am eye
    RMB - Love is an ocean
    Paragliders - Paraglide
    X-cabs - Neuro
    Extreme trax - Final Fantasy
    Blue planet - Blue planet
    Joe T Vanelli - Play with the voice
    Small piece of nalin & Kane - open your eyes (intended for part 2 of the mix)
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