Soundcard Issues... help?
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    Default Soundcard Issues... help?

    I have the audio kontrol 1 sound card for my macbook pro

    audio 1 kontrol:

    This may be a 'noob' question , but, at the momment, I have just regular computer speakers...mainly this one:

    and I'm plugging it into 'output 1' of the sound card. When I do this, sound only comes out of one speaker,

    - shouldnt it be coming out of both speakers?
    - is there a setting in traktor that I can turn on to correct this?

    any help is appreciated. thanks.

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    You'll need to plug one lead in per speaker, or if the speakers have a stereo input you'll need to get a stereo to 2 x mono jack lead in order to hear it properly.

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    thankyou cmcpress for clarifying this issue for me.

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