Change the loop length = moves the loop out point
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    Default Change the loop length = moves the loop out point

    ok, well i hope i found the right forum section to post this, so i am trying to set this method up on traktor 2.6 but am having some difficulties with it, hoping Freshfluke can help me out on this one or if any other mapping guru out there could lay out the steps needed to set this up on my x1 midi mode loop size encoders....
    Below is the link to what i'm looking to do
    i am on a mac and have xtreme mapping but for some reason when i follow the instruction i end up with the loop working the same as it does with the standard mapping going backwards and not forwards.....
    Probably missing something that is right under my nose, so any help in doing this would be greatly appreciated, also is there a way of mapping a button to toggle from 2fx panels to 4 fx panels i have been searching for this but also have come up rather short..
    Thanking all in advance

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    Why have you posted this twice??!!
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    first time i used the site, i tried to see where i could delete the one post after i found the right section to post it, was a genuine mistake not quite the response i was hoping for but yeah..

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    Answered in Traktor sticky thread.

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