Audio Cueing using Ableton and Twitch.
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    Default Audio Cueing using Ableton and Twitch.

    Anyone have any ideas on how to audio cue tracks using Ableton Live and a Novation Twitch? I'm currently using the x-fade on Twitch to control the x-fade in Ableton. So the mix is what comes into Twitch's soundcard. What I want to do is be able to hear each track before I drop it in the mix. Am I going to need a sound card with 2 outs? I can't think of an easy way of doing this...

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    Yes. Or split your 1 out to 2xmono outs.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Patch View Post
    Yes. Or split your 1 out to 2xmono outs.
    The twitch has a 4ch sound card, Do you have Ableton set up to Cue, if yes then you should be able to select the headphones channels as your cue output (solo button on master toggles between cue)?

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