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    Default New Traktor + S4 user

    Hi Guys,

    I'm getting my S4 delivered tomorrow, really excited !

    I was looking for people advice on how I should start, what should I learn first etc?

    Never DJ'd before so complete nubcake.

    Been watching alot of the videos on here bit overloaded at the moment.

    I was thinking I should learn how to use the beat grid first off... although this looks a bit daunting for my genre of choice ( Drum and Bass)

    Also should I stick with the stock mapping for S4 to begin or do you guys reckon a custom one would be more useful?

    Any input welcome

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    if you've never DJ'd analogue before, and jumping right into the digital scene...

    I would suggest by using an electro album you know off by heart...

    for instance, use something super music comes to mind.

    Most deadmau5 tracks are rated at 128bpm...learn to beatmatch with those tracks, get a feel for it.

    practice beat loop with a stead beat, and add to it.

    not sure about anyone else, but it took me longer to get used to the digital tech than it did with analog vinyl.

    if all else fails, hit the sync button till stuff starts sounding good lol

    IMO, DnB/Jungle is a tougher to learn on...

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    The number one suggestion I would have is to read the Traktor and S4 manuals, and re-read sections as you are learning that particular part of the software/hardware.

    Number two suggestion, learn to beat grid. Then have a routine on how you add tracks to Traktor. There are a few threads here at the DJTT forums on organizing your collection that will help.

    Boring suggestions I know, but knowing your hardware and software inside and out, and having an organized ready to play track collection will make learning everthing else easier.

    To answer your question, I would stick to and learn the stock mapping first. Then you will have a basis for comparison to other maps, and can better determine if a map will fit into your work flow or if it is missing functions vital to how you play.

    Have fun!

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    Quote Originally Posted by VanGogo View Post
    Have fun!
    most important rule!

    beatmatching takes about 30 minutes of learning/practice, but hundred upon hundreds of hours to master

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    Thanks for the advice guys, yea will read the manual again (would love the DJTT dvd but shame you cant DL only shipped). Will focus on getting the beatgrid learnt first. Thanks for the advice about the stock map as well

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    Once you get past the beginner phase, look into Scamo's S4 mapping.... good luck mang

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    Thanks I will check that out, I'm struggling with Beatgridding at the moment.

    Read/Watched lots of guides but they all use different methods like on the snare or accapella or using cues, tuning defaults or doing manually or not etc got me a bit confused.

    I'm trying to grid dnb/dubstep and hip hop any tips or less confusing methods would be great

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    Just have fun with it, and the more and more you use it, you will start hearing the music in a different way. This will help you beat grid a much better and the use of the metronome is great for getting everything in line too. Enjoy!

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