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    Iím playing a bar in London for an acquaintanceís party and she is paying me (not much, but itís still my first paid set).

    I have played out before but I donít really know what to expect as this is the first place Iíve seen with a DJ booth where I will need to plug everything in and get it all working. I have read the ĎHow to set up in a clubí thread (and will probably print it to take with me!) but wondered if you guys have any other tips?

    Iím worried about having all the right cables and connections and where everything goes. Like, my soundcard has RCA outs that go to 1/4Ē inputs on my monitors at home. I guess I canít just use those cables to plug into the mixer at the bar? Or maybe I can?

    I donít know if they have monitors in the booth Ė is it tricky setting up the different channels if they do? I have no experience of setting up with more than one set of speakers, if you see what I mean.

    The good thing is no-one else will be playing that night so I don't have to worry about following another DJ or another poor guy following me after I've screwed up the setup.

    Obviously, I will go to the bar if possible to see what they have, but sometimes itís hard to take it all inÖ

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    Just don't worry too much, man. If you don't know what you need, just ask your friend. In the beginning, we all need a little help

    Good luck and have fun with your first bar session. Try and record your set in Traktor. It helped me a lot back then listening to the mix afterwards and hearing what I really played (and to see if I EQued right, kept the gain straight, if the track selection was actually nice etc.). It'll also be fun to listen to that stuff in a couple of years... The only way to get better!
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    yeah, don't worry! come to the place 30mins prior your starting time and just plug in everything and you will still have time left for a pint

    just unplug their cable from cd player and plug it in your soundcard. and you know the rest, it's like in your house. i have my own cable which i use in clubs just in case their cable is broken or smth.

    when are you playing? im visiting london 24-31st of august. if i have a sec i might come and check you out

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    don't focus on Speakers, club mixer is your domain. If it's club where DJ's play regularly, they will have their soundsystem hooked up to the mix, if not, then they should have an employee who does that kind of stuff - the points are the same - it's their bussiness that speakers are set to the club mixer.

    The only little tricky part is what mixer they have got and how to understand it.

    Let's say you have typical Traktor setup with internal mix and Headphone cueing in your soundcard.

    Let's say you will encounter one of the most typical club mixers. Pioneer DJM 600 (or similar). You gonna have to browse a little to see which channels are free for you to use (generaly - nothing is plugged to that channel). You will see that at the back of the mixer

    every mix has it's in's and out's nicely labeled. Your goal is to find a channel that is not in use and hook up in with your pair of RCA's which you should have brought with you (don't forget to switch that channel to line mode!). Be careful to plug only into "Line" labeled RCA's as Phono in's has different levels and you actualy can screw up that channel with your powerful signal from your computer.
    For example with that DJM 600, channel 3 and 4 will be reserved for Turntables and RCA will be plugged into phono inputs there, Channel 1 willl be reserved for club music player that plays when no one DJs at the time. So your best bet will be to plug in remaining channel 2 or to plug into channel 3 or 4 and switch the channel mode to line.

    be careful when handling the mix !

    and one last tip, bring small flashlight with you as DJ Booths are often dark and sinister places where no man has ever roamed before and of course it's handy to see back of the mixer.
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    try going in a day early to peep it, then you have time to grab any cables you may not have / /
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    ^^ that's really what you need to do. Just go there, talk to their sound guy, find out what you need, and proceed to rock out.
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    Dont forget to take a torch so you can read the back of the mixer to see which input you need to use.

    Also dont plug into the phono !

    Oh and congratulations, i hope the assistance we render on this site has helped you getting the gig and i hope it helps you to perform well !

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    yea, dont print out that page. im sure you know what your output options are. go and talk with the sound guy or your contact and say, hey this is what i can give you and go from there. better to ask questions then to bring a piece of paper in i think.

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