NEW DRIVER - Regular VCI 400
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    Default NEW DRIVER - Regular VCI 400

    address above is for the new driver ver. 1.61

    imma upgrade from 1.52...gonna see how this new driver works out

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    back to inform that i have sucessfully installed ver 1.61 on USB 3.0 port.

    played with it for over an hour, no hiccups so far. *crosses fingers*

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    I installed 1.61, now my headphones do not work. They work on stand alone mixer but not in traktor. I checked the setting on traktor, all look good.

    Tried to install previous version, now usb (vci-400) wont recognize driver. Did the typical restart, reload, run as admin, run in compatibility mode...nothing. sweet...

    System is new HP envy 6t-1100, windows 8, traktor 2.6.

    Everything was good until today.

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    ****Fixed it****

    loaded 1.61 back up and checked the audio setup preferences. The driver upgrade screwed up the monitor out setting. I put it back to the correct channels, all good now.

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