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    Meet other DJs that play the same kind of music as you, get to know them, check out their gigs, and eventually they might invite you to some house parties to spin. Nothing serious, maybe just a night out drinking and playing music. This will hopefully lead to you being invited to play at nights that they put on at little bars, and your name will get out if you are good.

    I've found there are 2 types of bar nights, and one is much easier to break into.
    1. Night club. Get to know promoters and club owners and hopefully they think you can sell drinks and they might book you.
    2. Bar nights (ie drum and bass night, dubstep etc) these are put on by DJs who want to party, get a hold of a bar owner and are allowed to set up for the night. (Expect small bars, and small groups). In my opinion, these are the best nights to help your career take off. Those DJs you are friends with will scratch your back if you scratch theirs.

    Or....take some initiative. Get a couple DJ friends and go talk to a bar owner and set the night up yourself. Charge a bit for cover, and expect to loose money if you are renting speakers and some gear. It will pay off in the end if you work hard enough.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ed Paris View Post
    become part of your local night life scene, make friends with fellow djs/promoters. get to know the scene etc.
    This is the only way that it works round here - apart from starting your own night.
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    As some of the others already siad, you need to go out and meet other DJs.
    To me it seems the best way to start getting into the cene is by offering to open up for other DJs who are already getting the gigs you want. As you'll often hear online, good opening DJs are hard to find. If you meet and start working with the right DJs, it will open doors for you faster than trying to go out and impress random promoters or club managers who have other things on their mind
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