Master Output/Headphone Cue problem with M-Audio Xponent/Traktor
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    Default Master Output/Headphone Cue problem with M-Audio Xponent/Traktor

    I am fairly new to this forum, so Im not exactly sure what to expect or how it works, but I just have two quick questions. I recently found a beautiful mapping for my Xponent ( for Traktor Pro 2, and have loved every bit of it. I just have to little issues though. I have tried everything I know how to get my audio from Traktor to go through my master output on the Xponent, but it just doesn't seem to work. I set my audio source to Xponent (Core Audio) and yet still nothing. I am also having an issue getting my headphones to have any sound when cueing. The mapping is supposed to support that, and when I hit the headphone cue buttons on my Xponent, they work fine, and turn on the cue buttons on the screen as well. The headphone volume on the Xponent and Traktor are both up, but still no feed. If anyone could be of any assistance on these two issues, I would be very grateful.
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