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    Hello guys!! Im a new Happy Owner of this amazing controller - regular version (not EGE), changed my S2 for this one and very very happy to work with it. But I have 3 question about:
    1. The MASTER VOLUME knob - his hardware volume of soundcard (like S2) or only software volume through MIDI mapping?
    2. The 4 Grey GAIN knobs for every channel - them hardware Gain or software?
    3. and last - i played at club last night and noticed that sound output of deck A in traktor is lower then output from deck B. Im using the autogain functions for each channel (blue led or orange led no matter), and im disabled the Gain comand for GAIN knobs (im using them for additional effects). Why it can be?

    P.S.: the only one minus that i found it- the SHIFT button - the place of him in the layout and sharing of the same MIDI signal for both sides.

    everything else work fine

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    i also switched to the 400 regular from an S2.

    this is what i believe.

    1- master volume knob controls software gain.
    2- 4 gain knobs also control software gain.
    3- this is kind of strange. i don't have an answer to this. i dont use autogain. i normalize the volume to all my songs with different software. and as long as my gain knobs are the same on each channel....all songs will output the same level.

    side questions for you

    are you using the mapping from vestax website? or your own custom mapping?
    are you on a mac or windows computer?

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    regarding 3: i had this problem once.. after some trial and error i fixed it by putting the output routing to external and then back to internal..
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    thx. for help
    im using my own mapping - its modified version of VIPER 5.0
    an d im working with win8

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