Random Advanced DJing tips?
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    Default Random Advanced DJing tips?

    I can beatmatch by ear and perfectly align songs without any sort of visual aid and can do loop rolls and such, but id like to know if any of you have any advice to take djing further, not things related to track selection, but things such as tricks that will just raise my level

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    There are different ways of transitioning between two songs besides a smooth blend.

    My favorite? The "hip hop slam". In film, they call it a "smash cut". That's just one example.

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    Can you mix 2 or 3 songs for 4 minutes at a time?
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    I love abrupt transitions at the appropriate moment. This works really great w/ hip hop. Have something hot ready to drop on the 1 of a part where the beat / drums are present. When the crowd thinks they know where you're going after a big build up ... PUNCH THEM IN THE FACE with the drop of something else! Basic but powerful.
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    /\ Sorry, I don't know your name, but I want to give this guy props. I've seen him contribute to a lot of threads helping people out recently.

    Anyways, besides what's already been mentioned, I would recommend mastering EQ'ing, using effects, and making mashups. I'm still learning, so I hope more people can chime in on different techniques they use.

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