Maxinator Devices--M4L Mapping/Controller Tools for Ableton
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    Default Maxinator Devices--M4L Mapping/Controller Tools for Ableton

    I've posted six M4L devices that make controlling Ableton easier. They are free and are located at You can read about them at my website.

    The Maxinators are:
    • Paraminator
    • Modulatorinator
    • Jumpinator
    • Knobinator
    • Midimashinator
    • Launchpad Mashinator

    I'm interested in seeing what sort of effects and mapping you all can come up with (this has got to be one of the top mapping/controller sites around), and learning what needs to be changed in them to make them more useful.

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    Totally going to mess around with these (especially the launchpad mashinator...I have a second launchpad I've been looking to incorporate into my DJ sets. This may be the ticket!)

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