So , I've had the Classic for a while now and I am the first person to tell you to buy it ! I love it . It's basically become an extension of my arm now.

ANYWAYS , works fine with my S2 in Traktor and such , but once its in Ableton HOLY its trash . I go into my preferences and set it to the lowest latency my computer can handle with taking a load on me , (which is like 14ms or whatever) and I'm still not hearing it good . It's always off ! I can never play four bars without it just not sounding how I want it to sound.

If you guys need to know my computer is an Acer Aspire with Intel Premium Processor 14300 (2.1 GHz , 800MHz FSB)
Intel GMA 4500M . Its 17.3 inches with 4GB of memory and a 320GB HDD.

Is it just my computer sucking baawls like it always does , or is it my midi fighter or my settings or what ?

I do ALOT of producing and a ton of djing in traktor , like alot of you .

Do I need to upgrade to mac or .... :/

thanks for the help,
Swede Dreams