Akai APC20 Weired Behaivior - PLZ HELP
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    Default Akai APC20 Weired Behaivior - PLZ HELP


    my apc20 is not sending any midi info.i connect it to Traktor and the Traktor MIDI signal indicator not lid up when i press anything.

    but after i turned power of it...it starts to lid up lights and going around like a snake.something like some midi controllers are powered on.and a little noice also coming inside.the lighe snake is going starts to end of the controller and its not stopping.

    i feel its dead and there is a power problem...?

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    have you went into options (in ableton its in preferences, im not a traktor guy) and set the thing up properly? probably a stupid suggestion but hey ive been stumped on dumber things

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    is anyone out there who knows how to RESET the APC

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dj Chamath View Post
    is anyone out there who knows how to RESET the APC
    You cant "reset" the APC ..

    The snake display appears when the APC is not plugged into a USB port.

    So ... change the USB cable and check your USB ports first.

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    thanks alot for that tip sir...ill do that....

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    i change the cable and check the port...now the snake is not coming but its not sending midi signals to Traktor...

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