How to set up a CDJ w/ timecode CD & Scratch certified mixer ?
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    Default How to set up a CDJ w/ timecode CD & Scratch certified mixer ?

    Is it just
    1) Turn on gear
    2) Insert time code cds
    3) run CDJs to the line ins of my scratch certified mixer
    4) Select scratch certified mixer in traktors audio setup menu

    Am I missing something here ?
    Do I need to configure the ins and outs of the mixer 's soundcard ?
    Note: It is the first time this mixer will be setup with timecode cds, but I regularly play timecode vinyl on it.

    Sorry the description is so short but I am crazy stressed because I need to get a million and one things done.
    If you need any additional info, ask and I shall provide it.

    Sketch of the setup:

    EDIT: That's a TT under the turntable sketch and 350 for the pio setup and zero 4 is my mixer

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    Obviously the routing in Traktor has to be set correctly in Traktor, but it could be as easy as that. The routing in Traktor is basically setting up which channel goes with which deck . I know w/ the 900 and 850 from Pioneer you actually need to set it up in their utility as well. Basically select timecode cd/vinyl in whatever inputs you plug into...could be the same for other mixers

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