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    I've been finger drumming for a while and want to start making my own kicks. I've browsed through a couple tutorials and I'm just swimming in all the data. Sound design is harsh: there's waaaayyyy too much stuff going on. I'm an engineer, so I definitely understand the signal processing, I just have no idea what a lot of this stuff will sound like--so I usually end up making random, useless tweaks.

    but, I've been powering through and trying anyhow, I figure it's the best way to learn. Today I tried to tackle this kick to play with ( , 0:35. Best sounding version on youtube, but find an mp3 if you can, quality's waaaayyy low) since I can't cut/EQ a clean sample of it. I started with a 707 and played with distortion, and it's SO CLOSE, but I'm missing all the "oomph" from the tone. I know there's a lesson for me to learn here, I hope someone here can hold my hand and tell me what, because I'm at my wit's end.

    TL;DR: I'm a noob, help, I don't know where I messed up.

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    First that come in my mind:

    - Find some similar sample. There are lots of 707/808/909 free packs.

    - Layer your kick with another bass drum sample.

    - Try add this one as a layer to your kick drum and tweak it.

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