I have a pair of gemini cdj-700's im trying to map with traktor scratch pro and my S4 that its running, i got a tsi. map file from the gemini website that was suppose to do just that but not one function worked but i did notice the program was recognizing it because the control indicator light would flash when any function was tried. So next i contacted Gemini and explained this and all they suggested was for me to download a quick start file that gave some very brief instructions for importing the map that i clearly explained in my question to them wasnt working for me. So it after messing with it for a bit i was able to get some basic functions to work like play and pitch bend but going back into control manager and one by one highlighting a function mapping and manually learning the function to the program witch was great but i dont know anything about mapping and i was only able to get some basics to work the others required what i think are multiple actions to engage the function and havnt been able to figure them out. So does anyone have to helpful info on mapping so i can finish this project.... and yeah i just ordered the Traktor Bible today