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    Hey all,

    I am currently ordering all the fun bits and controllers and such of my new set-up and the center piece is a Behringer CMD MM-1. I was going to wait till it came out, but that apparently isn't happing till the end of summer. SO what my question is is what would be a good replacement? Basically I need a 4 band EQ (hi/mid/lo/filter), a level slider, a crossfader and about 3-4 buttons per channel, all on midi/usb. My current plan of action is an 'Allen and Heath K2' paired with a 'Novation Nocturn'. It is nice because I get the extra 16 buttons and 8 knobs, but I wanted to see what you all had to say too.

    Thanks in advance.


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    The mm1, and all cmd's will be in stores at the beginning of march:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dj Didz View Post
    The mm1, and all cmd's will be in stores at the beginning of march:
    Wow! Fantastic!! I was mislead it appears. I am still very open to suggestions of alternatives too! Keep 'em rolling!

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    MM-1 all the way. There's simply nothing else similar on the market atm.

    EDIT: The closest is probably the DJ Tech DJM-101, but it's only 2 channel, and actually MORE expensive.

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    the new faderfox controller?

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    Hey Professor, I've checked out some of your videos and was interested in hearing your production. I see you've got enough gear to do some fun stuff. Whatcha been working on?

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