Kontrol F1 Remix Decks (white noise/sweeps sets?)
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    Default Kontrol F1 Remix Decks (white noise/sweeps sets?)

    Hello everyone. I've been looking all over the internet to find a good remix set that consists of white noise, uplifters, downlifters, drops, and sweeps. I spin a lot of EDM and it's a good way to spice up the song when it gets dull. I have one already called "FX for DJs Volume 1 - Strobeset 10" from remixset.com. There isn't much and I want more versatility.

    So I come to you DJTT folks, where can I find some sounds like this? Doesn't have to be a remix set. Just a place to get the individual mp3/wav files. Preferably free too? thanks!

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    IMO the best samples and effects you can find will be the ones you make yourself. That way you can make it 100% exactly the way you like it. Yes, that means you will have to learn and it will take a bit of time but it's worth it in the long run. You can try this site as well, I've gotten a few things off it.


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