Suggestion for a small edit to a DJTT article
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    Default Suggestion for a small edit to a DJTT article

    It's this article here: -

    In it, Elliot Marx says: -

    DJTT: If someone was happy enough to toss their warranty out of the window, would there be any way to get a full size Innofader in the Z2?

    Elliot: We got together with the guys at DJ TechTools and have so far tested the Innofader Pro which will work with both the crossfader and the line faders on the Z2. The Innofader Pro also uses the same mounting plates as the Z2′s Mini Innofaders an no new adapters are required as the Z2 uses the standard VCA hookup for the Innofader Pro.
    I think it would be a good idea to add an edit to this article to make it clear that the Innofader PNP is the recommended replacement Innofader for the Z2, not the Pro. The Pro requires you to hook up 2 extra circuit boards that need to be insulated and I have had all kinds of issues getting mine working, but the PNP just plugs right in.

    It's just a thought, as someone might read that article and buy a Pro for their Z2, when they would be better off buying a PNP as it's cheaper and easier to fit.

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