Question about software and audio stretching (PaulStretch)
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    Exclamation Question about software and audio stretching (PaulStretch)

    I recently wanted to start audio stretching some sounds to extreme amounts and I came across the Paul stretch program and downloaded it, but the only problem is when I load a Wav or Mp3 file into the program and hit play nothing happens and there's no audio and the play button turns red then goes back to black after pressing play. I did wait every time I hit play to see if there was delay but it shouldn't have been more than 20 seconds to a minute on the settings I had it on. So basically I have a few questions. 1) Did I download the right app? 2) Is the software not compatible with the version of windows(windows 7) I'm running, or does the software require some sort of tweaking? 3) And lastly is there a different way of extreme audio stretching with similar results in Ableton, Maschine, or any other Vst I've just not come across? Thank you for your patience!

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    Watch one of the tutorials on Paulstretch on Youtube.
    Maschine does timestretching, but if you try extreme stuff you will get audio artefacts that are missing from Paulstretch.
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