Some articles only view-able on the mobile site?
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    Default Some articles only view-able on the mobile site?

    I've noticed that some of the articles on the DJTT main page i only see if i am viewing the site from my phone. Check these screen shots:


    As you can see the 'Traktor Key Detection[...]' as well as 'Traktor Pro 2.6.1[...]" article do not appear on the main page of the sight when viewed on my desk top. I noticed this awhile ago with another article but thought it was just a fluke.

    Anyone else notice this? Is it some setting on my main page? Am i just crazy?

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    Yeah ive noticed this. The DJTT main blog page didnt show all of the articles around NAMM. They appeared on the right hand side in the "Latest DJTT posts" section.
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