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    Default Screen Size.

    I recently got Ableton and very much a beginner. I want to do some mash up and remixes and than hopefully get into production.

    I currently use a MBP 13. I am in the process of getting new computers for DJ...I will be going with a MBA 13. I will than buy a 2nd computer probably laptop to use for email and everything else other than DJing so ableton would be on this computer.

    I am thinking I can probably just just my MBP13 and get an external monitor. Any suggestion on the good monitor/computer setup for what i am doing.

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    I use an older Apple monitor. Any monitor that you can use directly with Thunderbolt/MiniDisplayPort would be good.

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    I say the bigger the better. In my case, the bigger avoid eye fatigue after hours and hours in front of my screens. It also allow me to place all controllers, keyboard and other stuff closer. Some use regular flat screen TV, for 200-300$ you can have some 26" & up with HDMI/VGA input with a decent resolution. Dedicated computer screen on the other hands offer often a better resolution range VS TV. Avoid 1366x768 it's often not enough, 1920x1080 is cool and you can use lower resolution to suit your specific needs.

    Go with your budget, but avoid unknown brand name unless you have it for really really cheap.

    Asus, LG, Samsung are safe bet.
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    i'dI’d suggest a computer monitor with a screen size of at least 21”, and a resolution of at least 1980x1080. These aren’t very expensive. I picked one up at a local computer store for about €120 (21” Iiyama)

    But the thing is, and to use it with your macbook you need some sort of adapter cable. You can find these for around $10 on ebay.
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