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    Hi everyone, I've been reading the forum for the past couple of days... A lot of decent information and people on here, it's great

    So that being said - My dilemma is, I'm going to finally take the plunge and go digital but am not sure which route to take. My current setup is 2 x CDJ 400's & a DJM 400 mixer.

    My routes are either:

    A Traktor Scratch A6 & 1 x Kontrol X1 & 1 x Kontrol F1 Bundle


    Just get a Traktor Z2 Mixer, the benefits being it has the soundcard so is kind of a all-in-one unit and less to carry around.

    I think I'd be inclined to carry on using my CDJs if I got the Z2 but think I could have more fun with the X1 & F1 bundle.

    I have been DJing for 4 years now mainly just house music and have done a few parties but hope to do more parties in the future after going digital and sorting everything out. So the way I see it is, Z2 less to carry around but limited in how much control you have in Traktor, more fun to be had with X1 & F1 but that's 3 bits of kit to carry around if the club doesn't have a mixer that's compatible with Traktor.

    Ultimately I'll be the one making the decision but would love to hear peoples views on what they would do or think I should do - Even if you suggest something completely new

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    If you're gonna be using the remix decks a lot and do lots of cue-jumping then the X1/F1 will probably be better because they give you a bit more control - I own 2 X'1s & an F1 and love them.
    But the Z2 looks real nice - plus you can use all 4 channels - with the A6 you would be limited to 3.

    I'd sell the DJM400 and use the cash to get an F1 alongside the Z2.
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    Traktor Scratch, Kontrol X1 & F1!

    I have TSP2 and 2 X1's, I LOVE it. Not sure i will benefit from an F! tho because i have Machine sync'd up, but I'm still looking for a reason to get one lol.

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    i'd just pick up the new pioneer serato controller and leave the cdj's at the house or sell them
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