SubPac - Portable Tactile Audio Technology
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    Default SubPac - Portable Tactile Audio Technology

    Came across this sweet piece of audio technology today and thought you guys might be interested in this Kickstarter project!

    SubPac - Portable Tactile Audio Technology

    SubPac is a portable tactile audio device that quietly and directly transfers low frequencies to your body, allowing you to FEEL music.

    The SubPac connects you to music, films and games unlike anything you've ever experienced.

    Imagine being able to:
    feel your music instead of just hearing it
    experience the intensity of a massive club system without disturbing someone only feet away
    take that experience everywhere you go


    SubPac is a tactile audio technology that is portable, light and quiet.

    Our engineering team has combined powerful tactile speaker technology, polymers and electronics in a light, compact form factor.

    With over 2 years of development, our prototypes are fully functional and we are ready to begin production.

    This is not a simple ‘vibration device.’ It’s more like a quiet, high-end sub-woofer that generates a dynamic, rich and accurate tactile representation of whatever sound you input - whether from your favorite tracks, games or movies.

    However, the SubPac does NOT separate the audio signal into lows vs. mids/highs like a traditional sub-woofer crossover. It transfers low frequencies to the body while maintaining the original signal to your headphones / external speaker system. In addition the SubPac does not utilize artificial bass enhancement effects; rather, it delivers a flat, true signal to the user.

    With a frequency response from 5Hz to 130Hz, SubPac is the ultimate solution for experiencing low frequencies.

    Music listeners:

    - Creates an immersive listening experience.
    - Experience the visceral club/live atmosphere, anytime.
    - Re-connect with your entire music catalog.
    - Quiet to the outside world – no noise complaints.
    - Creates a higher state of relaxation.
    - Can be used anywhere – car, home, office etc.
    - Ideal for music, films and games.

    DJs & Producers:

    - Allows you to properly monitor low frequencies (more accurately feel the difference between bass, kick and sub-bass etc.)
    - Experience your track/mix as if it were being played in a club system.
    - Flat response with no EQ or compressors. SubPac provides the true signal.
    - Portable: you can produce with the proper frequency spectrum on the go – plane, hotel, café, train etc.
    - Can produce at all hours of the night without noise complaints.
    - Preserves hearing - no need to crank your system.

    For more information check out it out here:
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    You should check out the review on the main DJTT blog.
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