Ableton 9 + quneo
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    Default Ableton 9 + quneo

    So, recently I got myself a laptop, ableton live intro (9) and a quneo to expand my setup. I have all the softwares installed on my computer, but the quneo software will refuse to install its scripts into ableton. It has given me this message:

    "Incorrect Ableton Path

    Please hit the back button and browse to your Ableton Live folder. Usually it is in a folder called "Ableton" in "Program files" or "Application Data".

    If this error pops up again you may need to re-install Live before installing this Software template.

    If you hit next you will have to install Live script Manually."

    Um..... I have checked file location, made sure it was right, and finally re-installed live. It still refused to work.

    Any Ideas what's going on? Newest Firmware, Ableton Live, Cables working great.


    (Note: I used to go by ZEDDEE on the forums, but that account has long since Disappeared from my accounts and computer memory. I'm not as much of a noob as you could think.)

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    In Finder, right click on Ableton Live 9 (the application icon), and find the scripts in -> Contents -> App-Resources -> MIDI Remote Scripts and drag the scripts folder for QuNeo in there. Then connect the QuNeo first before opening Live.

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