"Desert" Trance/Prog?
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    Default "Desert" Trance/Prog?

    I posted this one DJF with no response, hoping this place might be able to help me out.

    I've been digging and playing a lot of prog, usually stuff with more of a late night spacey/atmospheric feel to it, and I'm looking for more similar stuff as well as possible some similar trance. I'm no expert in either sub genre (I normally play house/techno/electro, although I'm semi-knowledgeable in prog), but I really like some of the stuff I've found so far.

    Some examples of what I'm talking about:


    Anyone suggest anything similar in prog or trance?

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    try to listen to some : peter dundov, kollectiv turmstrasse (bluetsbreader), popof (lost thought part 1 and 2 or his rmx for steve angello), robert babicz - dark flower (joris voorn rmx), Guy J - Lamur (henry saiz rmx), Guy J - Dust, or anything from gui boratto.

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    The first track is by the two members of GMS - Growling Mad Scientists. OG PsyTrance Crew. This must be another side project for them.
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    these 2 examples dont sound much like spacey outdoor desert (IMO)

    to me they sound more like typical sleek progressive stuff (sidechain compression pumping clap/snare sort of thing). I started noticing this alot about 3-4yrs back. Its got enough release to almost sort of be its own sub-genre (...like we need more of those).

    Deadmau5 does a lot of this type of sound and so does Jaytech. You can find these type of artists on lables like AnjunaDeep.

    Spacey outdoor desert sounds more like releases on Proton for me...and stuff like this:


    ...chasing beats through ghetto streets...

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