Need advice on going digital please
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    Default Need advice on going digital please

    Hi All,

    I am totally new to digital Dj’ing, and I have posted this thread in the “General Discussion” section, as my question doesn’t directly relate to just one software program or one matter.

    Let Me Explain,

    Like I said before, I am totally new to digital Dj’ing, I have never even touched a CDJ before, strictly vinyl only. However, recently I have purchased a Pioneer DDJ-SX from my local store, and I am currently awaiting the goods to arrive into the UK apparently.

    In the meantime I have decided to digitize my vinyl collection of oldskool Dnb and jungle as a lot of the tunes are impossible to get on mp3 or cd nowadays. I have been doing this in audacity and I am getting excellent sounding rips.

    Now, the more I read into digital Dj’ing, Traktor and serato etc, the more problem I keep unveiling on websites and forums. I have now just finished ripping my collection, and have not polished them up or anything like that as of yet, because I found an article suggesting that because my tunes have been ripped from vinyl (on a technics 1210 mk2 to be precise) they will not be 100% pitch perfect, and Traktor doesn’t like that! Something to do with a beat grid?

    Now I understand I will be using the new “Serato Dj” software that is bundled with the DDJ-SX, so I was wondering if Serato has this same problem that I read about Traktor?

    I ripped all my vinyl at the correct speed set at “0” Pitch.

    This now brings me into yet another program, Ableton, something I have no experience with whatsoever.

    There was a piece on the article that I was reading that said you must “Warp” your tracks in Ableton to get them pitch perfect. I watched a YouTube video some guy had put up, and it all seems very time consuming and there is no quick way around it, from what I have read. I don’t mind putting the time and effort in if it is required, but after ripping an entire collection of vinyl, I am shure you understand that it can get very tedious.

    Have I stumbled across something that I am going to encounter?

    Any advice or knowledge on the subject(s) would my very much appreciated.

    Like I said, I am a total noob armed with just a little info, so I understand I could be talking absolute rubbish, but I just don’t know, and want all my tunes ready for when my new DDJ-SX arrives.

    Thanks in advance,

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    You can download the Traktor demo and test your vinyl rips right now for free. Traktor grids don't line up on tracks that have variable BPM and I'd expect the same from Serato, but if you're coming from vinyl it shouldn't be a huge issue as I doubt you'll be using Sync?

    If you have a large vinyl collection you might want to invest in a more hifi/audiophile oriented turntable, needle, preamp etc. for the ripping process as the 1200s aren't exactly rated that highly for pure audio quality.
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