How to route Maschine & Ableton with xone92
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    Default How to route Maschine & Ableton with xone92

    I've Traktor, maschine and ableton live9, xone 92 mixer.

    I want to run my set up the same as chris liebing in his 'how i play' video..
    so far i have got 3 traktor decks on 3 channels of my xone92, the 4th channel and traktor deck is for maschine, then i have connected 'return 1' via 1/4 jack that goes to the MAIN IN of my audio 10, then I have connected 'return 2' via 1/4 jack to the MAIN OUT' of my audio 10...

    How do i then set up the preferences in ableton, so i can use my plugins in ableton, over sounds im playing in maschine?

    I've tried all sorts and i just can not get this to work! Liebing has maschine open as a plug in inside of ableton, but when i tried this, i couldnt get any sound from maschine, nor would my maschine hardware control anything on the software.

    I'm so stuck with this now someone please help!
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    You had it right the first time. The easiest way is running it as a plugin. You should get Maschine running as a plugin first before you try syncing it up.

    If you don't want to use the Traktor FX over Maschine (which is kind of unnecessary if you're using FX in Ableton or the FX that maschine can use internally) just use 4 decks in Traktor and send Ableton's Main output to your channels 9 & 10. If you wanted to route Maschine into Traktor directly (through Ableton or as stand-alone) you'd have to use Cycling 74's Soundflower app (which also means you lose traktor scratch since you have to change your audio device to Soundflower in Traktor)

    You can also use the same channel as a Traktor deck if you like. For example, you have Deck D on outs 7&8 and don't use it very often, you can also put Ableton out on the same out. The benefit here being the 4 main channels can use the Xone's filter instead of using the aux channel. That's just a personal preference thing.

    In Ableton, I'd even take it a step further and use track groups. Setup 8 audio tracks and have the inputs set to a different output of Maschine. Then in the group settings for A through H send them to 8 different Maschine outs. This gives you the ability to control each group volume with another controller to do quick mixing of multiple tracks, which is difficult with Maschine's controls. I'm pretty sure is how Chris does it and why he uses it as a plug-in. You could probably do this as a stand alone with MIDI mapping but it's just easier in Ableton. I think he uses Ableton also bcs he also uses a 909 VST.

    One more quick note, make sure in Ableton's audio preferences you turn on your other channels as output destinations. Also if you want less latency you can turn off input.
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