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    Default Traktor Freeze Delay Tail

    Is there any way to make the tail on the Freeze Delay in Traktor last longer?

    I can use the Beatslicer or a loop and manipulate it with the fader, but for some reason, the sample doesn't really sound the same as the Freeze Delay. And you can't loop the delay after it's active

    Sometimes the Freeze Delay sample is riding beautifully with the mix and it starts fading out and your like "no! no! no!" .. FADER UP! GAIN UP ! and it just goes away



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    turn up your feedback before hitting freeze.

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    Turn the Filter dial down. It will last forever with Filter at 0
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    thanks. i'll try these out.

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    Or use instead the delay t3's freeze instead, you'll get a much more longer trail.
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