Ableton Live 8 songs imported to traktor
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    Default Ableton Live 8 songs imported to traktor

    I've used ableton live 8 for a little while now and have been wanting to make and use my own beats and songs in traktor pro 2.6.1. I have tried some simple songs or parts and exported them only once in traktor the bpm is way different (from 130 in ableton to 104 in traktor) and I wonder if its because I haven't mastered them or need to export something differently? My main uses for ableton is to create songs and remix deck samples so I could remix on while djing by using my F1.

    (hopefully this hasn't been asked before. I couldn't find anything about it)

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    The wrong bpm detection doesn't mean anything. Sometimes Traktor is not correct in detecting the bpm so you just have to adjust it manually. That simple. Or it was recognized correctly but then slowed down by Traktor to 104 bpm as your master bpm was still set to 104bpm and the deck you loaded your song files into was set to sync to the master tempo.
    But especially material with few transients (such as a solo pad or bassline) is often recognized incorrectly in Traktor so that you'l have to fix it yourself That easy!
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    It could also be that you're editing in Ableton with Warp Mode on so make sure you take a look at the original BPM. In which case you'll want to bounce the track down or render the audio. Hope that helps.

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