DNMC6000 / Traktor Z2 / S2
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    Default DNMC6000 / Traktor Z2 / S2

    Hi all.

    I wanted to ask everybody here what they think of these options.
    I want to buy a new mixer to use with traktor pro 2.
    I used to have the Denon MC6000 which is exceptional. I found it to be more than I needed (eg, I don't use jogwheels) but I could use it with my friends' turntables, analogue and digital mixer at the same time, and all that stuff. It's a good mixer but cramped. But, I no longer have it so I need a new unit.
    I also have an X1 to add to the equation.

    I've seen the Z2 and it looks a bit more suited, but it's more money than the Denon, which makes me think twice, maybe even thrice! However, the lack of dedicated FX knobs is made up by the X1.
    The S2 is smaller (which is fine for me, although the S4 would be great) but I'm wondering if it has the functionality that I'm used to with the Denon or what I would get with the Z2+X1.
    However, the S2 is cheaper, so...

    What would you do in my position?

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    Don't get the S2 if you don't use jogs. The Z2 lets you use turntables+CDs in both Traktor and standalone mode, and has better build quality than the S2.

    The S2 has no inputs and no filter knobs, and you don't need another FX section as you have an X1 already.
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    What about the Denon x1600/1700?
    Traktor certified, midi options and a fantastic mixer. It will cost you a little bit more but worth it.
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    Denon MC3000. Same as the S2 pretty much, but it has filter knobs.

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