8 New Ableton Tutorials: Mastering, File Management, Presets
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    Default 8 New Ableton Tutorials: Mastering, File Management, Presets

    Here is a list of the newest Ableton Tutorials:

    Everything can now be found at : http://www.joshuacasper.com/

    1.Advanced Vocal Effects [FREE Reverb VST)
    2.Glitch/Dubstep Bass Sound Design [Free Massive & WOW Presets]
    3.Reducing Project File Size / File Management
    4.Very Quick Tip e.21 - Multiple Automation Lines for One Track [Free Presets]
    5.Very Quick Tip e.22 - Warp Modes: Beats vs. Complex Pro
    6.Very Quick Tip e.23 - Curved Fades for Velocity in Ableton 8
    7.Very Quick Tip e.24 - Multiple Instances, Importing & Combining Projects
    8.Very Quick Tip e.25 - Seperating Drum Rack Samples: Quick & Easy

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    no doubt! thanks for thanking!!

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    thanks for being so thankful for people thanking you for the post.

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    lol... the forums need more pleasantries... the can be quite obnoxious at times..

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