Novation Twitch TRS to RCA?
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    Default Novation Twitch TRS to RCA?

    Hello !

    I mix in a bar where i have to plug my controller into a mixer. The inputs of that mixer are RCA.

    I've always used the Booth Output of my twitch (RCA) with is a standard RCA to RCA cable. However, i was wondering if that would be any better to use my master output instead (which is 1/4' TRS L & R)

    So my questions are :

    1. Would it be better, or louder, if i used the master outputs?
    2. Even if you don't think i should use the master output, how can i hook up TRS to RCA? All i see on the internet are one TRS to red & white RCA cables. I was wondering if there was such thing as two TRS to red & white RCA cables, as i have two (Left & right) TRS outputs. Or maybe i only need to plug a one TRS to red & white RCA cable into either the left or right TRS output and it'll be fine ?

    Thanks a lot for your time

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    The TRS outputs are balanced whereas RCA are unbalanced. You should not be mixing balanced and unbalanced connections, so your best bet is to continue using RCA to RCA cables.

    Use the TRS outputs if you ever need to connect directly to an amplifier or other device with balanced inputs available.
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