On beat vs on time
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    Default On beat vs on time

    So I just started Djing like 2 months ago, I have a bunch of friends that DJ , and I usually mix by what i think will sound good. I wanted some other opinions my friends always say I'm on beat but off time.
    - I'll always finish out a 4 count I usually just don't always wait for a 4/4 count.
    - Or sometime I mix out at the end of the phrasing

    Am I just being a stubborn ammature?

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    Am I just being a stubborn ammature?

    A friend of mine used to do the same, he was always mixing his tracks on the 1,2,3,4 ... 1,2,3,4 ... 1,2,3,4 ... 1,2,3,4 ... 1,2

    He could just never get his head around why he was off. My feeling is that he was counting the second beat after a breakdown as "1" as he'd miscount the first beat.

    Anyhow it wasn't till he stopped counting and started listening for the changes in the music e.g. starting the record at a crash or first beat after a breakdown that he finally got out of the habit and got his timing right (he turned out to be pretty decent too).

    Don't rush the mixes, listen to the music, stop making so much of an effort with the counting

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    i think phrasing is the point here.

    watch the structure of a song.
    often it's like 4 bars (16 beats) intro, 8 bars chorus, 4 bars vocals. build up, breakdown..... morst EDM songs have quite repetitive structures, try to get a feeling for the specific parts.

    if you keep the structure in mind, you only have to get the downbeat of both songs in sync, an everything else pretty much goes it's way.

    hope this was helpful!

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    If you use traktor you can map loop rec beat position for 4,8,16,32 beats to always keep you in time.

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