Hey everyone so I've been djing for almost 8 months now and I think I am finally ready to start getting my name out there and start playing in public.
I want to start out kind of small like at parties, small store openings/events etc...I feel that starting smaller will get me used to playing live, get me more comfortable with myself, and i'll build up from there I don't want jump into anything and get myself into something I can't handle yet until i'm ready, but I definitely plan on working hard and working my way up to bigger things! But I don't really know how to approach on how to even getting a small gig. I am planning on posting an ad and i just made some business cards but I was wondering if since I've never played in public before, if I should offer to play for free so I can start getting my name out there?? And also any advice on what I should definitely put in in my ad? Thanks ^_^

Btw if anyone wants to listen heres the link to my mixes !