6 New Ableton Tutorials: 15 Free EQ8 Presets:
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    Default 6 New Ableton Tutorials: 15 Free EQ8 Presets:

    Posted 6 New Ableton Tutorials, Come Check them Out!

    Everything can now be found at : http://www.joshuacasper.com/

    New Tutorials:
    Ableton Tutorial: Tips on Beginning a Remix (Where to Start)
    Ableton Tutorial: Finding the BPM of a Track/Loop with Ableton
    Ableton Tutorial: 15 Pro EQ8 Presets: plus EQ8 Secrets

    Quick Tip Series Addition:
    Ableton Very Quick Tip e.26 - Show Preset Name
    Ableton Very Quick Tip e.27 - Where to put VST .dll Files
    Ableton Very Quick Tip e.28 - Finding Missing Files

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