Help with iTunes library and HD location
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    Default Help with iTunes library and HD location

    Hey guys, let me tell you a story.

    It's been sometime since the article of swapping the optical disc of macbooks to insert a SDD as a boot drive and application launcher.

    I've been thinking about doing this so I bought everything that I need. But, my macbook is so old (2006, 2007) that I was unable to do it. My cd drive is IDE and not sata, so the enclosure that I bought was useless.

    Long story short, I'm migrating from a 180 gb HDD to a 120 gb SSD.

    I'm planning to buy a new macbook when I'm rich enough, because I love my machine as is ( dual core, 4 gb ram ). And can't imagine the power to run a better one. But it'll take some time, since I live in a country that a macbook cost almost as the double the original price.


    Here's the question

    Since I do have a smaller drive to store my music, can I keep my iTunes Library intact while I delete songs?
    Here's my possible workflow.

    Import everything to SSD > Delete older songs > When I want to play some songs it'll show what songs are missing and which folder > Plug in my 1tb HDD and put songs back > Play.

    Can be done that way?

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    I understand you have reasonably powerful computer, but depending on how many other devices you running during your set, plugin in an external may cause a little bit of lagging when loading tracks into your decks. This has happened to me before, I hope It won't be as difficult for you to figure out.

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