modifier dependent LED feedback!
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    Default modifier dependent LED feedback!


    I don't know if you guys all know this, in case you don't, here is a way how to get automatic LED feedback dependent form the modifer layer you are in.

    I guess I have to explain. Say you have two layers on your controler.

    You have set a button to a "shift" modifer:

    -shift button up= layer1 (M1 = 0)
    -shift button down= layer2 (M1 = 1)

    You have a button, which has a function dependent from the layer you are in:

    - LED button1 in layer1 is "effect unit 1 on"
    - LED button1 in layer2 is "effect unit 2 on"

    Until now I had the problem that the status from my LED buttons don't get updated when I change the layer, or better don't get synchronised with the real status in TP.


    -effect unit 1 on = off
    -effect unit 2 on = on

    When I change the layer with my "shift" button, the LED status don't get updated to the real status in TP.

    But I just discovered a way how to do it.

    - Add "Send Monitor State" two times to your 'shift' button.
    - One "Send Monitor State" with 'invert' the other one normal

    Now your LED gets updated to the real status when you change the layer.

    I hope this tutorial is not too confuse, I have to hit the sack but I just had to share this.
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    I think the upcoming Traktor Pro 1.2 solves many issues with LED output as well...
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