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Thread: CDJ 400s?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mdcdesign View Post
    You'd be better off with a pair of RMP-2.5s, unless you get a REALLY good deal on the 400s.

    The 400s are still far too small for my liking though.
    Since you use Traktor already, even the CDJ 400s will be better than anything Reloop. Rather than bothering with physical CDs or having to sort your collection onto USB sticks, you can turn the 400s into HID controllers and access your whole Traktor library from the CDJ screen.

    A Reloop will never be able to do this.

    Also from reviews of the RMPs it seems they have not managed to properly implement the very basics of a DJ CD player, namely the use of the jog wheel to pitch bend.
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    Quote Originally Posted by joshmlevi View Post
    Are the CDJ400s any good?

    I just want to lean the basics of cdjs do you think a second hand pair of these will serve me well?
    Yeah, they are kinda small, but they have HID compatibility so you will also have a controller, along with the standard cdjs

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    They are bloody Brill 'lil players, end of story, however the price of them rivals (or exceeds) 800's mk2's

    I always kinda dismissed them after I'd used CDJ100's years ago and hated them. then played on a pair 2+ years back as they were provided by the promoter and thought I'd give them a whirl and was REALLY impressed, so much so I didnt even bother touching my laptop the rest of the night :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by MRG12EG View Post
    mdcdesign difficult to take your recommendations since they always seem to be Reloop lol might be the best cdj in the world will still be difficult to take..

    get me lad
    LOL!!!! Epic
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