due to the reason that my old thread god deleted(why ever) i open a new one

im here to introduce my self.


Kenny was born in 1993 in Lucerne Switzerland. When he was 16 he moved to thailand with his parents. Always listening to music but never making it, he was bored siting around and waiting to be able to finish his dive master course when he was 18, he picked up a guitar of a friend and played some notes. by the first noise the guitar made, he was fascinated of the sounds of the vibrating strings. soon he found people who would show him chords and licks on a guitar he bought with his last money. so fascinated by music that he wouldn't stop making it ever again. Until this day. From a part of his live music quiet fast went to the reason of his live. After 4 months of playing and learning from moscowfish a canadian artist couple and other musicians, he started using ableton live just as a beat machine for his guitar playing. after to record. as a 16 year old on koh phangan ,one of the most famous party islands on the planet. He was going to parties him self of course and discovered his love to electronic music. With 17 he started learning how to produce electronic music and how to dj.
his biggest influences on dj'ing and producing where David Chong who is playing at the guys bar. Moscowfish, Kosma solarius and DJ Sanuk
after one year of practicing he had his first gigs. he surprised his crowd again and again with his young age at parties like, The Fullmoon Party,,guys bar and Naka Place
He was playing 3 months as resident dj at Hansa beach a club at the Fullmoon party beach.
If people would ask him what kind of music he'd play, he could never give an answer due to the reason that he mixes different genres and not only one. He mixes from chilly-relaxy sunset deep house through deep tech,tech house, progressive house, minimal and techno. and always reacts to the crowd.
later when he was 19,moscow fish and kennyactive started a new project. "Jamming with Robots"
The project was to bring the electronic music mixed by kenny a bit more to live with live playing from moscow fish. so they organized a few gigs where they played together. the result was spicy electronica mixed with live voices,guitars,harmonicas, saxophones and keyboards.

Now kenny is still on Koh Phangan. still producing,still dj'ing and still radioactive

here are my links
Mixcloud : http://www.mixcloud.com/kenny-oesch/
Productions : https://soundcloud.com/kenny-oesch
The Dj List : http://thedjlist.com/djs/KENNYACTIVE/
Fan Page : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Kenny...16933688414615

THanks for your support.