VDJ now supports both ITCH controllers
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    Default VDJ now supports both ITCH controllers

    ..taken from another forum;


    VirtualDJ 6.0.2

    improved definitions/mappers for Behringher, Denon and Hercules controllers.
    NS7 and VCI300 compatibility
    vinyl_mode and fader_start are now deck separated
    new registry: CueSensibility, DefaultScratchLatency, TouchWheelRamp, FaderStartStops
    new options: jog sensitivity scratch / cue / bend
    renamed scratchwheel_* to touchwheel_* to avoid confusions (the scratchwheel_* syntax still works if used in old definitions, but is deprecated)
    "Mappers/" folder only keeps files for modified mappers

    fixed netsearch video.
    fixed netsearch audio for non-american users
    fixed google covers
    fixed netsearch crash on mac
    fixed unicode in drag'n'drop from windows explorer
    fixed unicode on sampler, record and rip
    fixed unicode in search on mac
    fixed upside-down multiselection in browser
    fixed ctrl to cmd on mac for selection
    fixed wheel_mode loop_out not to rewind before the loop_in
    fixed 14bit midi
    fixed eq_crossfader_low
    fixed touchwheel_touch/touchwheel latency
    fixed light sync button when beatlock on
    fixed multibutton
    fixed playlist reload on add if active song not in playlist
    fixed while_pressed on two decks at once
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    now if only the NI Traktor developers would get off their arses and come through with platter support for the NS7 things would be golden...

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