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    Man do not drop out for music career unless your killing it already.

    I have a degree in finance and several years of corporate work experience behind me. I quit my job last summer to focus on music. Not to say i don't like making music and djing but i feel it was a step down in terms of how people perceive me. I know i shouldnt care what other think and all that but it was quite evident when people were like - why they fuck would you leave your high paying job to work in bars etc. I personally thought it was a step down. I see people who try to make it as a dj and it makes me sad and happy that I have education I can fall on. Reality is 99% of these people will never 'make' it and are forever bound to have shitty low paying jobs. It all depends on a person - if you are ready to sacrifice a lot for doing what you love - maybe its a path for you. But you wouldn't be in biomed if you were that kind of person i think.
    I now rejoined corporate world and spinning and djing on the side. its all about choice management - not time management. we do too many bullshit tasks every day. focus not on how you can do all in one day, but rather on what tasks you can eliminate to fit in your hobbies.

    Anyways, don't quit school man.
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    Best skill you need to be successful in any profession regardless of pay... have to be able to manage your money... you can make all the money in the world and still be a broke ass
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