Hope you like. Any feedback is welcome. Made with a Stanton SCS4.

Second Phases -The Exaltics
Kaiko -Djedjotronic
Common Bounce -Clouds
Follow Know One - OHVERCLOCK
Black Acid (Alva Noto Remodel) -Black Asteroid
Cluster Alert (Luke Creed Remix) -Brian Burger
Lost Signal(Black Asteroid Remix) -Dorian Knox
Decca -Adam Jay
The Filth -Circuit Freq
Downfall(Jason Fernandes Remix) -Armando
Thood -Bas Mooy
Their Synthetic Majesties Request -Arnaud Rebotini
Taiyo (_Unsubscribe_ Remix) -Marc Romboy & Ken Ishii
Virtue -Ryuji Takeuchi
Breathe (Drumcell Rework) -Puscifer