3rd party sidechain capable compressors?
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    Default 3rd party sidechain capable compressors?

    Anyone have any suggestions for sidechainable compressor VSTs? The Ableton one is ok, but I'm looking to purchase some new VSTs, including a compressor, and I've heard that a lot of compressors aren't sidechainable in Ableton due to the way it handles FX routing.

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    Version 9 has The Glue as a native effect, it is one of the best 3rd party compressor out there. The problem is many of the other good offers go like for 150-200 USD which is half the paid upgrade for Live 9 suite. You can also get the Glue for 99 as VST.

    But I would look in to fabfilter Pro C, and NI/Soft tube offerings.

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    Take a look at Vintage Compressors. They can be sidechained in Ableton. Ableton has very flexible routing...

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